Lyn Slater: The Accidental Fashion Blogger

2 min readMay 4, 2023


Lyn Slater, a professor turned fashion icon, has made a significant impact on the fashion industry by challenging stereotypes and promoting age inclusivity. This article provides an in-depth look at Lyn Slater’s journey, exploring her personal story, her rise to fame, and her impact on the fashion world.

Lyn Slater Early Life and Career

Lyn Slater was born and raised in New York City, where she developed a strong sense of style from an early age. She pursued higher education, earning a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Ph.D. in Social Welfare. As a professor of social work at Fordham University, Slater has dedicated her life to education and social justice.

Accidental Icon: The Beginning

In September 2014, Slater’s life took an unexpected turn when she was mistaken for a fashion icon during New York Fashion Week. This moment, captured by photographers, catapulted her into the world of fashion blogging. Slater embraced the newfound fame and started her blog, Accidental Icon, which quickly gained traction and amassed a loyal following.

A Fresh Perspective on Fashion

Slater’s unique approach to fashion and her commitment to breaking age-related stereotypes have garnered her widespread acclaim. In her blog, she combines her love for fashion with her expertise in social work, exploring issues like ageism, body positivity, and sustainability.

  • Challenging Ageism in Fashion

Lyn Slater has made it her mission to challenge the fashion industry’s obsession with youth. Through her blog and social media presence, she showcases her impeccable style and proves that fashion is not limited to a particular age group. Her efforts have opened doors for older models and influencers, inspiring many to embrace their age and beauty. Read More




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